Anxiety and the Human Electromagnetic Field

July 9, 2016 – 1:00 – 3:30PM

Touch Chiropractic, 2025 Hurley Way, Suite 110,

Sacramento, CA 95825

$25 at the door, $20 when registering online (below)

Spend an afternoon with Desda Zuckerman, subtle anatomy pioneer and founder of the new paradigm healing modality, CoreIndividuation™. An internationally recognized cartographer of the human energy structure she is the author of, Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure published in 2012. This large field of energy that surrounds all human beings awakens with conscious interaction. Selling worldwide, this book currently is expanding the way we think about who and what we are and lighting the fires of consciousness everywhere.

In her first Sacramento area appearance, July 9th, Rev. Zuckerman will share her discovery that the human energy structure, can be used to moderate or relieve reactive psycho-emotional, circumstantially activated states of anxiety. She suggests that because subtle energy can be directed with focused intention, it is possible to shift a responsive-reactive state by using your own subtle anatomy. Anxiety is a common and unrelenting symptom of our experience of living today. Using clear instructions to specific anatomical locations we can learn to lessen these symptoms of stress and live a more productive life.

Using experiential exercises and vivid color graphics from her book Desda will facilitate a connection with your long sleeping or only partially awakened subtle self. The subtle energy that surrounds our physical body in an intricate and beautiful sacred anatomy incorporates the Human Electromagnetic Field or aura. Desda will share with you ways to experience it. If you are currently medicated for anxiety these exercises will support an even healthier experience for you.

Desda is an engaging teacher who infuses the esoteric with common sense and irreverent humor opening long closed doors into human potential. She will share down to earth experiential exercises that will offer an opportunity to explore a new and amazing part of your self.

Awaken body, mind and spirit to a greater awareness of who you are!


Anxiety and the Human Electromagnetic Field

July 9 2016

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Anxiety and the HEMF


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