All live workshops are now canceled

While this public health emergency is active, we cannot endanger the health of our students and ourselves by hosting live classes.
We are currently moving all of our work online, with new events and classes available to all.
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Learn how to work with subtle energy. Our intention is to transform the way people relate to their own human potential, and the way they interact with themselves and others. We offer a series of comprehensive trainings in skills based in the anatomy of the Human Energy Structure.

Our classes open a door into our veiled human potential giving you a way to work with what you already know. Learning to navigate the subtle structure and to use it, participants will leave more awake, aware, and expanded into their authentic self.

” Being a sensitive in an insensitive world has taught me that when we know where we end, and where we begin, our soul’s purpose becomes clear.”    – Desda Zuckerman


The In Depth Edge Practice Training  and Energetic Hygiene were originally created as training for healing professionals. The intention being that the adjustments, alignments & procedures based in the subtle anatomy could be the basis of a practice, or could be integrated into an existing practice.  As valuable this technology is for healing professionals, the skills and practices contained here are enormously valuable for all of us in our daily lives. Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach, artist or salesperson, if you are breathing you can benefit.  To that end, we are expanding the opportunities for you to embark with the intention of personal expansion and evolution.

Desda is now leading one-day versions of both Edge Practice and Energetic Hygiene in 2019.  On one single day, you will learn to utilize your enormous subtle energy body to bring greater intimacy to your relationships, avoid burnout and compassion fatigue, and enhance your entire experience of life.

The one-day Essential Edge Practice is now launched and will be held again October 26, 2019 – click here to learn more

Sacred Anatomy Teachings, Local Workshops

Here is a way to get started for personal evolutionary development…

This is the progression of courses required to proceed and enter practitioner training.

Online Courses

For a full list of current online studies with Desda, Click Here….

Beyond Your Energy Body  – We’ve recently completed our first full course with The Shift Network, Beyond Your Energy Body.  It is now available for self-directed online learning.  Click here to learn more and register

Reclaim your Empathic Power – online with The Shift Network.  The live course began on March 20, 2019, registration is closed on April 9, but will be open again for anytime learning in May.  Click here to learn more.

Workshops & Trainings in the SF Bay Area are all cancelled

The In-Depth Edge Practice Training:
Absolutely handle the issues of merging and boundaries. Learn the premier skill every professional needs that allows you to work with energy by using your subtle anatomy effectively.  Two days.
No pre-requisite.

The Essential Edge Practice!  One Day Edge Practice Training
The same skills that are covered in the Depth Edge Practice, but without the second day of review related to your healing practice.  Learn the fundamental skill of being human, operate as a spiritual being in a physical world.  We all need this!
No pre-requisite.

Energetic Hygiene for Healers
A self-care and self-support class designed for the sensitive healer, and for the sensitive person. Learn vital techniques to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.  Two days.
Pre-requisite: Essential or In Depth Edge Practice Training

Essential Energetic Hygiene
The same skills that are covered in Energetic Hygiene, without the added materials for healing professionals.  Deepen the skills learned in The Edge Practice Training and the Essential Edge Practice!  Operate from the edge of your subtle anatomy with compassion, while avoiding the “merging” or “enmeshment” that drags us down.
Pre-requisite: Essential or In Depth Edge Practice Training

Medicine Bag: Energy Medicine for the Professional Healer
Energy medicine for professional healers. An ample medicine bag of procedures and techniques pulled from the CI Practitioner Treatment Book. This is a certificated professional class. Application includes a personal interview.
Pre-requisite: Edge Practice, Energetic Hygiene, personal interview, 5 sessions with a certified SAEM Practitioner, active healing certification.

SAEM Level I & II Practitioner Training
The primary procedures, clearings and anatomical alignments of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM). Level I & II is taught in six 3-day weekend trainings over 6-months.  This certificated professional class is designed to stand alone as a modality or to support, expand and augment your already existing healing practice.
Pre-requisite: Edge Practice, Energetic Hygiene, CI Medicine Bag, personal interview, 10 sessions with a certified SAEM Practitioner, active healing certification.

Entities, Possessions and Astrals
SAEM Level III Practitioner Training
These two trainings for practitioners add to and refine the body of skills, procedures, clearings and adjustments they may use in their practice.

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