Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing


In 2019 –

Thursday, July 25 to Thursday, August 1

Nine Levels was last held November 2015

A Guided Experiential Adventure of Self-Discovery

Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing is a 6-day intensive immersion that takes the participant on a journey into how to sense energy by using subtle anatomy. This course leaves the student with a toolbox and a way to apply the tools in their daily life.

“In the late sixties, when people first started asking me to teach them how to do what I do, I begin to develop a concept for a workshop that would assist the awakening of an individual’s own talent and awareness in a loving, safe and fun way. It’s taken me many years to really figure out how to do this. You see, I had to figure out how to break down into simple and clean steps something I was born  with and simply knew how to do naturally, like laughing or yawning or drinking water. Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing is my favorite thing…an initiation into the unseen mysteries.” – Desda Zuckerman

One of the biggest things Desda discovered in her journey of mystical dissection is that there are actual nine distinctly different ways to sense energy. Physical Sensing incorporating the 5 senses is only one of the nine ways to process and perceive energy. Coupled with the new techniques Desda developed to deal with the modern affects of Electro-magnetic fields, energetic hygiene and discernment there is plenty to fill up a marvelous six days.

Learn the Following

  • Tune into your greater sensitivities. We’ve all got them; we just don’t have mastery over them. Learn to better read, distinguish, and use your own awareness.
  • EMFs are everywhere and impact everybody. Cope with the effects of 21st Century technology energetically and intentionally, without devices, gizmos and gadgets.
  • We are fooling ourselves if we think we are limited to only five physical senses. Step out of that box and learn just how big you are and how much you can know by developing by developing deeper sensing skills.
  • Energetic hygiene and protection are critical. Learn to recognize and deflect unwanted energies. Become aware of your energy boundaries, how to access and strengthen them. Stop giving your vital life force energy away to make things happen.

Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing is not given every year.


  • Illuminated Body for Professional Healers
  • Energetic Hygiene for Professional Healers
  • Interview with Instructor

Class Schedule

  • November 15 – 21, 2015 (May not be taught again until 2017)


  • Pema Osel Ling Mountain Retreat
  • 2013 Eureka Canyon Road, Corralitos, CA 95076

Pema Osel Ling is a magnificent retreat center, located in the mountains above Santa Cruz, CA.  Originally founded as a Buddhist Retreat space, it is also available for gatherings such as ours, as well as weddings and other events.  Here are a few links to youtube videos which give you an idea of what awaits you there:

For a review of the site and lodging, click here.

There is a beautiful Buddhist Temple on site. We will not be teaching in this space, but we are welcome to use it individually for personal meditation.
To take a look, please click here.

Space is Limited, Register Now

  • Prices and dates for future Nine Levels TBD
  • Balance is due one month prior to the start of the class
  • Prices include teaching, rooms and meals
  • Rooms are double occupancy
  • Slightly higher rate if you require a single room, contact us
  • Food is excellent with meat and vegetarian options at all meals
  • Slightly higher rate if you require Vegan food preparation
  • We are unable to offer scholarships, discounts or work/study programs
  • Questions?  write us at
Refund Policy:
For all deposits and pre-payments: all funds will be refunded up to 2 weeks before the class except for a $100 administrative fee.
Paypal fees cannot be refunded after 60 days from the date of payment

It’s now December 2015

and the Awakening the Nine Levels of Sensing is a very warm memory.
Scroll down to see our class photo, and a few video testimonials

Nine Levels 2015 Graduating Class!

Nine Levels 2015 Graduating Class!

Left to right:
Top row – Lorene Anderson, Rita Martin, Dexter Leland, Michael Margolis
Middle row:  Britta Fischlin, Zan Lecourt, Kim Manley, Joan Rubano, Janice Ballard, David Lowenfels
Bottom Row:  Lorin Kaufman, Karen Anne Louise, Samantha Russell, Jeannie MacKenzie, Desda Zuckerman, Quiana Grace Frost, Nancy Randall, Kathy Doran, Laura Kniffen
Photo by Bob Zuckerman, Site Manager Extroadinaire
staff at 9L sign

The Nine Levels Team!
Lorin Kaufman, Desda Zuckerman, Bob Zuckerman


Look below, The Nine Levels Class Speaks!  Thanks for sharing your experiences, click on the video and enjoy!

Desda and Lorin Kaufman discuss the upcoming Nine Levels, November 2015

Desda discusses what’s in store for Nine Levels participants:


About Desda

Desda Zuckerman was born a natural intuitive, and she has spent the better part of her life trying to understand and learn to use her extraordinary gifts. What she now believes is that awakened and trained sensing skills are the most valuable tools an energetically conscious person can have. Ultimately they can lead to the experience of living as a fully extended human being. By coming to know where we end, and where we begin, our understanding of what it means to be a person grows. We become more effective in our daily lives and chosen professions being able to clearly define what we are feeling. The ability to grab hold of and manifest our purpose in life and the deeper wisdom that exists for each of us, within our own make-up, is much more readily available when we are conscious of these skills. Desda has developed this intensive to share the full body experience of sensing in nine amazingly different ways, from different parts of our huge energy structure.

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