SA Medicine Bag

Med Bag Training will begin in 2022

Sacred Anatomy Medicine Bag
Energy Medicine for Professional Healers


Medicine Bag Training – Offered once in 2022 – Online with Zoom

Registration will be open soon

Join Desda Zuckerman, founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide for the Human Energy Structure for three months of weekly SAEM Medicine Bag Training . This class is dedicated to developing competency in the skills needed by all energy medicine professionals to enhance their existing practices.

Learn Valuable Tools~

  • Signature Identification, Attunement, and Removal
  • Venting Trauma and Pain
  • Building and Working with Energy Generators to Support Healing
  • Working Long Distance with Thought Forms
  • The SAEM Ending Protocol for Integration and Stabilization
  • Sacred Anatomy Fundamentals
  • Bringing in the “Big 24”- 24 Specific Universal Energies Used for Healing
  • Self-Care for the Healing Professional
  • Energetic Ethics- (When and How do I Work?)
  • Holding Space for Healing and Transformational Work
  • Extra Somatic Massage with the Human Electromagnetic Field
  • Energy Working Basics: Attuning to the Client, Conscious and Subconscious Interactions
  • Removing a Karmic Death Weapon and Soothing the Karmic Release Point
  • Plus more…


  • Home page online with access to documents, videos and logistics – updated regularly with new resources
  • Multiple online web conferences between the three live weekends and after, for instruction, questions, and support
  • Online chat room for the class using WhatsApp on your smartphone.  It is an encrypted service we use to stay in touch, ask and answer questions, and check on how everyone is doing.
  • Multiple one on one sessions with class participants, building a strong bond with each other while exploring the depth of our being.


  1. Must have an active certification in a healing modality or equivalent experience
  2. Completion of training in the Sacred Anatomy Edge, and Energetic Hygiene
  3. At least 3 documented SAEM Healing Sessions with a Certified Practitioner
  4. Certain classes or workshops with Desda may qualify towards your SAEM Session count, check with us
  5. Personal interview with Sacred Anatomy Academy

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Bag is a prerequisite to Practitioner Training and all other advanced training with Desda Zuckerman

All classes are video recorded, edited, and posted online for you to view and review.

Please check the website, events calendar, Facebook page, or sign up by engaging with any of our free activities or gifts on the home page to be notified of this and other upcoming events.

In 2022 our class schedule allows a glide path from Med Bag, and on to Practitioner Training in 2022.
This has not always been the case.  If you are considering this professional path, you will not have to wait an additional year to enroll in the advanced classes.

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