SAEM Level I and II Practitioner Training 2020

All of our live classes are canceled for 2020
Stay well, see you online!

Attention Med Bag Carriers:…

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As we are all too aware, we are no longer able to gather together for our workshops.
At this time, we are making the big leap to holding all Sacred Anatomy Academy classes online.

  • To get you started, we have a six-week online practitioner training prep class, every other Tuesday night beginning 4/21.
  • The Practitioner training consists of seven monthly two-day zoom sessions, beginning July 19
  • Between these main sessions, we will have zoom classes for check-in, learning new material, and Q&A.
  • There will also be three follow up Zoom calls after the class ends.
  • We will have a class home page on our website where all class information, documents, and videos will be posted.
  • We are able to drop the class price since our costs are lower.


Six Week Prep – Tuesday nights 6:00 – 7:30 PM PST
4/21, 5/5, 5/19, 6/9, 6/23, 7/7

To Register for the Six Week Prep – Click Here

Practitioner Training – 10:00 – 12:00 and 2:00 to 4:00 (no later than 5:00) on these 14 dates
*****Please note: these are not all weekend dates*****
Sunday -Monday, July 19 & 20
Saturday-Sunday, Aug 8 & 9
Sunday-Monday, Sept 6 & 7
Saturday-Sunday, Oct 10 & 11
Saturday-Sunday, Nov 7 & 8
Saturday-Sunday, Dec 5 & 6
Saturday-Sunday, Jan 16 & 17

Zoom sessions between Pract Dates – Thursdays 6:00 – 7:30 PM PST
July 30 – Aug 20 – Sept 17 – Oct 22 – Nov 19 – Dec 17

Zoom sessions after the final class
Jan 28 – Feb 11 – Mar 11

To participate in the Prep or any of our online courses, you will need a computer or phone with a camera and mic, and a good broadband connection. You will need to be visible on the calls, no phoning in.


Six Week Prep:  $300
When you proceed to Practitioner Training, your balance is reduced by $300, so the prep fee is credited to your balance.
For those who do not proceed to Practitioner Training, the prep is only $300

To Register for the Six Week Prep – Click Here

Application Fee:  $50
The application is accompanied by a nonrefundable $50 fee
This amount will be deducted from the cost of your Practitioner Training

$50 Application Fee for Practitioner Training, click here
Application MS Word docx
Application PDF

Tuition with Early Bird Discount:  $4200
Price rises by $395 after June 19, 2020

All of the existing pre-requisites still apply, including a written application and an interview with Desda
The world needs healers and healing, we’ll do whatever we can to help you into the class.
We can work up a payment plan to make it easier for you to enroll.
We set these up personally, not online, so contact us ASAP.
Plans must be scheduled by July 1, 2020 for the Early Bird Discount to apply.

Please email us with any questions –


A path of initiation for established healing professionals which is based on the most exacting and in-depth mapping of the sacred anatomy available. Learn to work with the seven systems of the subtle energy structure doing dozens of specific clearings, alignments and procedures. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is the leading edge of advanced energy medicine.

Taught by the founder Desda Zuckerman, the student will be introduced to the skills of accomplished professionals who use this work in their daily healing practices. Level I and Level II Practitioner Trainings are taught consecutively in the seven 2-day online trainings. Course will include additional assignments, study projects, practice sessions on clients, and additional online training.

Six Week Practitioner Prep

Subject matter will be focused on deepening your practical and sensing skills and preparing you for the Training

  • Deep dive into dowsing for Practitioners
  • Subtle anatomy sensing and experiencing the EDGE Practice as a sensing skill
  • Attuning to and connecting deeply with a client- Reading the Sacred Anatomy
  • Evaluating the % effectiveness of a client’s HES and understanding the Zuckerman Pulse Technique
  • Template Echo Sensing- Holding and Using Dual Focus and the Greater Mind
  • Self Care for the Practitioner. What should it include? What do you really need to feel at your best every day?


Level I & II Practitioner Training

Level I & II is designed to comprehensively build on the skills you learned in Medicine Bag, Energetic Hygiene, and to professionally apply the Edge Practice for the benefit of all:

Learn to:

  • Determine Boundaries, Health & Energy Reserves of the Subtle Structure!
  • Move Stopped & Stuck Energy- Revitalize, Restore, & Replenish Vitality!
  • Create Internal Support to Deliver the Soul’s Purpose into the Life!
  • Optimize the Four Aspects of the Authentic Self for Direction & Success!
  • Harmonize and Balance the Human Energy Structure for Optimal Health!

Learn Foundational SAEM Assessment Skills:

  • Health of the 4 Aspects of the Authentic Self (Higher Self)
  • Determining Locations of Breakdowns and Blockages
  • 5 Treatment Phases to expand your pallet of procedures; Point of View of procedures on how to Approach the Client Session
  • Forms and Intake, Follow Up and Feedback for building your practice
  • Zuckerman Pulse Technique- a unique form of Dowsing
  • SAEM Pathology and Etiology for deeper diagnostic skills
  • How to Assess, Work With and Shift all Seven Systems of the HES
  • Charting a Treatment Plan and the Healing Arc
  • Establishing a SAEM Practice: Logistics, Assessment, Promotion, Client Intakes & more
  • Hone your Edge Practice into a positive life affirming way to interact with the world!

In-Depth Subject Matter Includes:

  • You will learn to work with all Seven Systems of the Human Energy Structure.
  • Understand how to clear, recognize, assess, and repair the subtle structure.
  • How to work with every system, &
  • How to understand what these systems do in & for the larger structure.

The Seven Systems:

  • The Layers, the subtle organs of the Human Energy Structure
  • Template, the nervous system of the Sacred Anatomy
  • Blended Energies System, the cardio-vascular system of the structure
  • Bones of Light, the whole body skeleton including the physical body
  • Elimination System, the processing system that releases attachment
  • Human Electromagnetic Field, the bridge between subtle & material life
  • Harmonizing Network, like the endocrine and chemical systems- filled with specific energies to harmonize the entire structure

Here Are Just a Few

of the Powerful Techniques, Protocols, Alignments, Clearings, & Transformative Procedures you will Learn in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner Training I & II:

  • Self-Care as a Spiritual Practice
  • Universal Love and Light Meditation
  • Using the Greater Mind of the Human Energy Structure
  • Seating the Divine Intuitive Self
  • 11 different Life Patterns stored in the Layers System
  • Template Wound Release
  • Decompression of the Chakra
  • Simple Soul Path Congestion of the Chakra
  • Chakra Plaque
  • Bones of Light Rebuild for all 3 Substructure types
  • Release of the Bones of Light Framework
  • Balance Tilted Elimination Wheels
  • Harmonizing the One Body with Nine Primordial Tones of the Harmonizing Network

All classes are video recorded. These recordings are copyrighted.
We will not post recordings of students and their voices.

Refund Policy:
For all deposits and pre-payments: all funds will be refunded up to 3 weeks before the class except for a $200 administrative fee for Practitioner Training or a $50 fee for the Six Week Prep.
Paypal fees cannot be refunded after 60 days from the date of payment
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