Phone: +1 707-755-1038
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner
Comments: One on one sessions worldwide via Zoom video conference and in person group talks, workshops and classes. Happy to provide session recordings upon request.
Languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

In Amanda’s own words:

Hi there! Are you helping create positive change? Wonderful.
I would love to help you do what you do, even better.

I am a soul teacher, healer and guide, and the founder of Sacred Action School. I am also an artist, activist, catalyst and proud mountain lion mama to a trans son.

I specialize in working with people who are busy making our world a better place in ways big and small, all over the world. I help them deeply heal and release what’s in their way, so they can have maximum positive impact and thrive in the process.

Maybe you are saving bees, cleaning up oceans, inspiring children, breaking down barriers, building peace or embodying new ways of seeing and being that serve our collective wellbeing. And in the midst of it all, you keep facing one or more health, love, work, parenting, personal growth and/or life stage challenges that are holding you back from your fullest expression and greatest impact. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is truly time for you to stop surviving, managing or overcoming, and start thriving, radiating and creating with ease and grace now.

Using the leading-edge and evolutionary approach of Subtle Anatomy Energy Medicine and other practices, I can support you to experience deep healing, release, relief, and resolution, perhaps more profoundly and lastingly that you have ever experienced before. Each session is a sacred partnership in which you learn new ways of being and serving in your life, grounded and guided by your own soul’s deep wisdom and inner knowing. It would be my honor to guide and empower you on this journey.

Why do I do what I do? Because I believe your full aliveness and embodied expression are absolutely essential in our times. All of you and your gifts are needed, fully awake, aware, alive and powered by a deep connection to all of life, in service to a greater purpose beyond self. That, to me, is Sacred Action.

For the past 26 years, I have been exploring and training in ancient wisdom teachings, sacred lineages, advanced energy work and alternative pathways to healing, transformation, and evolution so as to serve the greater good in our times and the future generations. My medicine basket is big, beautiful and full and I am excited to share it with you.

Finding Subtle Anatomy has been the proverbial icing on the cake, allowing me to finally ‘crack the code’ and take my life and work with others to a whole new level of liberation and leadership. I have not only overcome but transformed tremendous personal challenges and old traumas into great assets and gifts. The intelligence, elegance, depth and power of this work absolutely tickles me pink, and if it turns out we are a great match, I know it will captivate and delight you too.

If you are feeling a pull to connect, I recommend tea and a chat via video call. I have created a special no obligation free Discovery Call so we can explore together whether I and this work are right for you at this time. I very much look forward to you being in touch.

With love and passion,

Client Testimonials

“I feel a sense of purpose and vision about where we are going that I never felt when I was in therapy.”

“It is hard to imagine my life before and without the work with Amanda, sitting here today. I have a new way of relating to myself, nature, people and energy. I feel greater love, containment, wonder. In particular, I feel a greater connection to a non-rational, non-logical spiritual side of me. I fundamentally feel more grounded and more centered, as well as more in touch with magic and wonder.

I have positively surprised myself by, far more quickly than I could have ever imagined (at all!), allowing myself to trust in the methodology even in its more ‘out there’ moments. I’ve left the doubt and cynicism behind and I have been able to benefit from the connections and being guided to shift and access energy.

I very much enjoy the structure and the flow of the work, even as it allows for flexibility. I feel a sense of purpose and vision about where we are going that I never felt when I was in therapy.”

~ Elizabeth C, United Nations consultant, Italy

“These days I feel freer than I have ever felt.”

My work with Amanda has allowed me to step out of my story and see and allow for possibilities in my own self-realization. Although it’s a work in progress, this work has supported me to take huge leaps in my own growth and healing and to step out of my wounded identity. I am now able to show up in my community in an embodied way and be more able to connect with the people I care for.

I like working with Amanda because she feels safe, she is a warm face to meet with and has a genuine compassionate way about herself. Also, I know that every time I interact with her, I will be encountering a transformation, I will be meeting a huge shift and receiving a strong helping hand. It’s not magic, because in fact I do have to do my own internal work to support the energetic shifts and healings that happen, but it is magic in the sense that major energetic barriers get lifted and healed.

If you are ready to move to the next phase of your life, I strongly recommend Amanda.

~ Adriana B – Landscape Gardener and Food Justice Advocate, United States