Sacred Anatomy Philosophy –
How does it work?

“Our Structures are pure intelligence made of the stuff of the stars.” – Desda Zuckerman

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is both a healing modality and a philosophy of wholeness. We apply a classic definition of the word philosophy, which means the investigation of the causes and laws underlying reality. Each of the Operating Principles serves to create a spacious realm where, through investigation, we learn that the energy around and running through human beings can be seen, sensed, known and interacted with as subtle anatomy.

This anatomy incorporates the physical body within it as a component. Most students of spiritual anatomy through the years have tended to see the physical body as the epicenter with layers radiating out from it but Sacred Anatomy instead incorporates the physical body as a part of the whole or One Body.  Instead of separating the seen and the unseen or the material and subtle into different bodies or worlds of study this work expands the idea of what we are to include this additional energy, and then works with people’s Structures to support a broader version of health and well being.

Everyone has an anatomical constitution and uses it in their life. This constitution includes the anatomy of the larger subtle Structure.  Everyone is subject to the reaction and the condition of their anatomy as it relates to circumstances, to history; action and reaction. Everyone builds their own history and is affected by the way their individual anatomy holds information, trauma, wisdom, stress, and pathology. The compatible combination of subtle and material reality create a One Body functioning with interconnected systems. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is an anatomically based system that expands what we think of as human potential.

Currently, there is no known scientific proof of additional energy anatomy other than electromagnetic measurements of fields around living matter. But there is proof in the work of SAEM Practitioners that the claims we make about subtle anatomy exist. What we do with clients and the way we interact with the mapped anatomy produces transformative change, holistic growth, and greater wellness in all ways. Because super-sensitive cameras and scanners do not yet exist to measure the Structure accurately, we base what we do on the proof of anecdotal evidence. Anecdotal evidence is a valid form of research and study used by healers for generations before the comparatively recent development of the scientific model. Modern day science still uses anecdotal evidence to support scientific findings and other data collection.

What this means is that we must use the time-tested method of trial and error; choosing to incorporate what works the most and the best. By recording the actions and results of thousands of sessions, we have developed procedures to address energetic pathology, techniques for interacting with the Structure, methods for clearing debris and specific anatomical realignments, and an entire body of ground breaking work. SAEM uses the subtle energetic anatomy mapped, named and uncovered by Desda Zuckerman.

One of the many things we have learned is that although we must legally consider SAEM a form of spiritual healing, the client does not have to believe in it for it to have an impact. It is nice if that is the case but the existence of your Structure and its anatomy are outside of the tenets of both religious and secular faith, just like the atom exists even if it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Of course, it is spiritual but it is also physical, emotional and mental because the One Body incorporates all that we are and all that we can become. We are a self-contained unit.  Out of the discoveries of this extensive research and anatomical study have evolved the Operating Principles of the Sacred Anatomy and its philosophy.

What is Extragenesis?

Shifts occur in the anatomy of the Structure through the action of Extragenesis. Understanding how to use Extragenesis is the way the SAEM Practitioner works.

Extragenesis is a word that came to Desda Zuckerman in 2001 during deep meditation. It is a combination of two Greek words. Extra meaning before or above and genesis meaning the beginning and so this new word, extragenesis means: before or above the beginning.

It is a noun that names the event of what is before beginning- the inspiration to action, the momentum to change or even the seed of idea. Another new word, extragenic is an adverb that modifies action such as extragenic healing or extragenic energy. This describes the sort of healing that occurs before or above the beginning of manifestation. Energy or healing energetic that is charged with the possibility of shift.

Extragenesis captures in a single word that dynamic moment of shift from thought to action. This happens constantly in our lives, our anatomy, and in the world around us. As thought precedes actions, it expresses and names that which occurs energetically as intention. Extragenesis describes the spark of life that ignites as becoming, and as such, it is pure possibility. It is the little ‘big bang’ within that keeps us moving forward.  It is the space for healing and creativity within which we operate as SAEM Practitioners.

“Extragenic healing is healing that harnesses the intention of becoming. Using focused intention extragenic healers are able to work with the interactive light that surrounds every person in fields of layered light and swirling colors. This subtle energy combined with the physical or Bio Layer makes up a whole Structure or One Body, expressing the totality of who and what it means to be human.”  Desda Zuckerman

Basic Operating Principles of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine

  • Energy is intelligence.
  • Form follows thought.
  • Intelligent light will interact with focused intention.
  • From the Heart Sutra of the Buddha:
  • Form is nothingness, nothingness is form.
  • Everything has vibrational frequency.
  • Extragenesis occurs and creates the interaction of intelligence & frequency.
  • Like attracts like:
  • Principal of Universal Attraction.
  • Totality seeks partnership with Individuation:
  • Source seeks partnership with not Source.
  • Transformational shift must be witnessed.
  • The Structure wants to be clear:
  • Principal of Universal Non-Attachment.
  • The Structure wants to be whole:
  • Principal of Compatible Resonance.