Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Session FAQ


What is this?

Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine (SAEM) is a subtle healing modality that evolved out of the groundbreaking map of energy anatomy captured by Desda Zuckerman in her encyclopedic book, Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure published in 2012. Using focused intention, an amazing sacred anatomy tool called the Edge Practice and the interactive subtle energy light that is in and around everyone, SAEM supports personal transformation and health.

What kind of issues or conditions can this help me with?

Emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical blocks, stops and holdings can be shifted using the techniques of SAEM. The things that keep us stuck in life, that obscure our future and maintain sadness as a habitual way of being can be transformed working with a SAEM Practitioner and applying the principles of the Sacred Anatomy.

How long does it take for me to experience results?

All different time periods… Sometimes results occur in minutes, the time it takes to step from point A to point B. But working with a SAEM Practitioner over a period of months or years will ensure greater shift with a deeper impact on your life.

How does it work? Is it hands-on? What’s it like? What can I compare it to?

It works because it is all about awakening your own potential. The Practitioner assesses the health and vitality of your subtle energy structure and looks at what impact any malfunction, debris or misalignment has had in your life. It can be compared to bodywork for your soul because the location where an issue chooses to lodge tells the story of why and how that issue has played out in your life.

What kind of results do people experience?

People report a wide variety of results. Everything from physical changes such as pain relief to increased spiritual ease in a meditation practice. The most common result we hear is: “I’m simply happier.”

I want to work with Desda. Why work with other practitioners?

Working with the founder of this work is a unique experience and is best savored when you have prepared for the session by working with one of her many qualified certified practitioners.

How do I pick the right practitioner?

Listen to your inner guidance. Go with the practitioner who “feels” the best to you. Go with the person with whom you feel a compatible resonance when you see their name or picture on the website. As with any modality, the right person for you is the one who can see you and believe in your potential. SAEM Practitioners are trained to see the Divine light shining in you, to know that you are whole and beautiful already, and to partner with you as you shake off whatever keeps you from fulfilling your dreams.

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