The Authentic Self

The authentic self is born at the beginning of individuation. It is constant as it arises out of the blueprint of the core sheath. Stirring restlessly from the seeds of potential, four collaborating aspects emerge into being.

Human beings do not form without an authentic self; no matter how unenlightened, how besotted with evil, or removed from the contemplative nature they are, this species has pure selfhood at the center. Elemental energies rubbing together like sticks within the structure draw forth extragenesis from primordial chaos, not tangible material.  It is pure possibility that ignites the beginning.

In a dynamic in-breath of universe-cracking clarity, there comes awareness.  With it, your authentic self, urged on by the drive to express, takes shape: at first subtle, then congealed into gross matter.  A song bursting out of the void into form, a symphony of individuated self-ness, soaring harmoniously.

And so it is… We humans reside forever at the intersection of time and space; turns out to be a pretty good neighborhood after all.

You Are Utterly Unique

Dear Friends,

You are utterly unique. No one else on Earth is like you, has your talents or your faults. The winds of the cosmos blow through your cells and the spark of creation is at your center.

You are a perfect manifestation of your soul’s journey and your beautiful dreams. Your impossible wishes are the yearnings of imperfection seeking wholeness.

Comparing yourself to any other person, any other situation or experience will only produce a loss of ground, a jealous eye trained outward into the infinite, and like the Sun, burning what comes too close.

You are a star in a galaxy of one. Your job is to shine, to be, to grasp the unmitigated reality that you are perfect exactly as you are. Impeccably made by the hot breath of Divine expression confronting itself in the dark.

This is how I see you, dear friends


What woman of a certain age and life experience cannot say these words? Most of us have tried all of our professional lives to simply implement a public standard that is civil, equitable, and that applies to all people. So many women have been frustrated and blocked in their career advancement by sexual bias and unfair treatment in the workplace, in schools, and in the culture. What used to be labeled “male chauvinism” has morphed into out-and-out, on-going, day-in-and- day-out harassment forcing us to quit our jobs and move on to other less dangerous opportunities.

Many of us were faced mid-career with the question: Is this job even what I want to do? Is the constant bias I face worth the fight? This reality has pushed some of us to be more competitive in chosen fields, don our equalizing black pant suits and strive to be seen- “as good as a man”. We’ve become the “clever monkeys” and crafted our own standards and practices within corporate, bureaucratic, educational and even family environments. Back “in the day” we ‘raised our consciousness’ now our daughters aggressively keep learning new and better skills in hopes of equal pay for equal work.

When the Equal Rights Amendment did not pass many of us dropped back, reassessed our possibilities, and some of us, like me just stopped working for other people all together. Choosing instead, to be independent and self- employed- in control of the setting. I would make my own rules- live by my own code. Still, there is harassment, in public settings, in intrapersonal relationships, in our families, and all over the cultural soup. From media who don’t hire “fat women” to the insane sexist tweet-o-rama we find now in our daily lives, sexism, unfair treatment, and the annoyance of harassment are endemic.

What can we do? Well, turns out you can really do a lot.

First off- report and share your own experiences in your private and public forums. Whatever community you find yourself in, talk about it. Be silent no more.

Second- do not put up with any of it. Speaking up is only part of it- acting to end the behavior is important. But be compassionate, not just angry. It is entirely possible people might not know they are behaving unconsciously. Hard to believe, but men especially may have never learned how to treat a person of the opposite sex. It’s the nature of awakening to make mistakes, to blunder, and offend. It is up to the awakened to shift the dynamic. If that’s you, share your experience and request it come to an end. You may be met with a flustered apology from an embarrassed co-worker who had no idea what they were doing was inappropriate or not at all entertaining. Tell them unemotionally with dignity, and poise- this is your warning, this is my boundary. I will choose to report you if you do this again. And then do not hesitate to do it.

Third- Keep working on your own behavior and awareness. We’ve arrived at a cultural stage, a phase of the growth and development of our society something we’re all going through together right now. What and who will actually change things is you- owning your own awareness and spiritual maturity. Stepping up and into the leadership position by example and with strength of character. Follow your spiritual practice, give yourself the gift of a spacious attitude and be kind to both others, and yourself.

It will never cost you to smile in the heart of true compassion either at another or into the mirror.

Thanksgiving in the Age of Trump


Dear Friends,

Everyday a new scandal breaks, a new terror erupts and it seems as if the fabric of your American moral life is being shredded. But what is that anyway? Wasn’t it really a bit of a lie to begin with? Maybe it was a propped up and agreed upon façade like: “How’s it going?”. You expect to hear: “Fine, Thanks and you?”

Because who’s got time to find out how it’s really going for anyone else? You’re in a hurry, you’re late, and too busy to listen to somebody else’s nightmare, right now. You say it as a nicety, a polite, and accepted lie. It’s actually shocking when somebody answers the question: “Truthfully, I’m not doing too well.” Or “Lousy, thanks.” Oh no! Now what? It’s awkward and time consuming to deal with this guy’s story of what, why, and how much it cost him.

But like it or not, in the Fall of 2017, you do have to deal with the whole ugly story. You and I can’t keep rushing to the next appointment or commitment and ignore the looming disaster unfolding around us. Because in the time of Trumper-tantrums things are not fine. It’s on the phone, the TV, the newspaper, in the air, at the stop sign, the grocery store, it’s everywhere. America the beautiful is exposed daily to a new heartbreakingly, bizarre ruination of yet another institution or once respected individual. It’s like we are fumbling suddenly in a collective dark night of the soul while our sacred truths are crumbling and turning to dust. Nothing is safe from the mad tweets, the lies, the hysteria and fear producing TV crawl.

But that’s another lie. You have choices in how you live, in how you behave, in who you are. You can ignore everything. Turn it off. Avert your eyes. But then you are like the aristocracy at the fat, gilded palace of Versailles when the people of France were starving to death in the streets. Shall we have another clever witticism with our lattes? Stick cotton in your ears so as not to hear buzz saws cutting down the national parks in the distance and be safely protected from the unpleasant facts?

It’s hard, but you actually have to notice as the EPA is disassembled and millions of citizens cannot afford basic health care. Because you are the one who has to grasp what’s happening and you are the one who has to make a choice. You can’t afford to tune it out.

So, here you are at Thanksgiving. The time of abundant food, family gathering together, and friends celebrating the rich harvest. This is a time of great opportunity, a time for you to come of age spiritually. Our leadership is lost, so the common man and woman must show the way.

Pull up your socks and do something.  Look at where you can serve,  how you can give back. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving for the first time. Do it anyway – money to worthy charities, time to causes, compassionate care to the sick, a kind word to the lonely or despairing… this Thanksgiving go around the dinner table and in addition to saying what you are grateful for, ask what you can give to the greater good, how you can elevate your community. How can you open your heart, your wallet, or your mind like you have not before?  Decide to step up, in your family, your circle of friends, and in your town. Don’t wait another minute for other folks to pick up the banner, the check, or the plastic at the beach. Do it yourself, do it now, but do something and be grateful you still can.

Blessings on us all,
In Universal Love and Light,

Releasing Cultural Trauma











September 11, 2017

Dear Friends,

Who can ever forget the images of the twin towers? They are seared into the collective unconscious of our country and our world. They continue to affect and to define our culture. Even if you weren’t in New York on 9/11 or didn’t know someone personally who died, you were shaken by an event that you will never forget. We all remember where we were and what we felt. Even if you don’t consciously “feel” or “think” you were affected by the dramatic events of the day, your subtle structure remembers the shock of it and the pain of the absolute destruction of a kind of American innocence.

Now, we find ourselves in the thick of a monster hurricane season with water and wind bringing Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and the entire Carribean so much damage.  The compassion in our hearts knows no limit or boundaries as we “feel” for our neighbors across the country and “worry” about the destruction from Houston to Sarasota. When I include the 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Mexico a few days ago and the millions (yes millions!) made homeless by flooding in Bangladesh, it is all too surreal. Many of us have been glued to CNN watching in horror.

So, on 9/11 why not let go of the horror, the contraction, and the fear of not only the cultural trauma of 9/11 but also of this unparalleled storm season? Why not commemorate the day by letting go of the shock your physical body and subtle anatomy have been holding for 16 years? Even if you’ve only been holding onto these profound traumatic images and thoughts from when you realized our country had been attacked subconsciously, you still were a witness. As you took it into your personal history, you held distress and upset within yourself.Letting go of trauma does not mean letting go of the memories you may cherish, the people that you love. It means letting go of useless repressed holding. Try Releasing Cultural Trauma and feel the spaciousness return to your sacred anatomy.

Thinking of you,




Releasing Cultural Trauma

To let it go once and for all:

Set up your healing environment: turn off cell phones and find a place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Visualize a big debris box about 30 feet away from you.

1) Visualize the towers and remember what you felt and thought in the moment you first saw them that day-

2) Bring your memory consciously into focus-

3) Feel in your body where the memories are lodged-

4) As you pull your memory up into a clear and present feeling-

5) Experience it and name the emotions contained within it

6) Reach into yourself and with a big breath for each one, pull your related emotions out and into the debris box you built earlier

7) When you are finished, condense the debris box into a small box

8)  Lift it up throw it into the sun.

9) Take a deep breath and fill up all the holes where the emotions were released with Universal Love and Light, the Divine pure soothing energy that heals the Universe

10) Say out loud the following statements:


I accept the possibility I have released my part of the cultural trauma of 9/11


I accept the possibility I am free of this cultural trauma


I accept the possibility I am whole and healthy





Introduction to Poetry











My favorite poet and creative conduit who understands the unseen and unknowable!
This is a little bit what it’s like to try to translate the vibrant miracles I see all around
me every day into the English language.


Introduction to Poetry

I ask them to take a poem
and hold it up to the light
like a color slide

or press an ear against its hive.

I say drop a mouse into a poem
and watch him probe his way out,
or walk inside the poem’s room
and feel the walls for a light switch.

I want them to waterski
across the surface of a poem
waving at the author’s name on the shore.

But all they want to do
is tie the poem to a chair with rope
and torture a confession out of it.

They begin beating it with a hose
to find out what it really means.

—Billy Collins

We The People

We the People are being plunged into a bizarre political passion play. Our health and safety, income and rights are all up for grabs by governmental bodies that care more about their position than the people they represent. When selfish gluttony for power breeds greedy assaults pitting one voting block and their needs and values against another’s needs and values, there is only pain.

Why? Because this means that the equanimity and poise of representation is skewed toward the loudest (and in our case), the wealthiest voices. With the Supreme Court’s decision for Citizen’s United and the unlimited barrage of top .01% money influencing our elections, we have seen the most egregious abuse of election funding in the history of our beloved country.

What’s a sensitive person to do? How can we not just survive but thrive?

Remember who you are. Use your spiritual practice to counter the negative screams and hysteria the media and the tweet storms are fanning- meditate up to another view of what is actually occurring. Stop engaging with other people’s definitions of what is right and good, worthy of public discussion or important, and change the channel. Define for yourself what you believe in. Own this. Ask yourself what your vision for the future is. Work toward that instead of being swept along on the stormy waves of drama and upset that have passed for social discourse in the past year.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV cable news, turn on to the inner energetically alive and vibrant channel of your spirit. Build you own powerful transmitter by waking up to your Sacred Anatomy and the innate ability we all have to influence the world around us. We are already connected to each other; we are one organism that senses this connection. You who are sensitive know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, just imagine for one second that the agitation and stress you are feeling might be because the entire nation – even the entire world is feeling it too.

Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution: the conscious solution that knows right from wrong and that is kind to the disabled, poor or fearful – that extends a hand and heart to those in need. Dedicate yourself to participation in “the process” by not giving the bad behavior of our elected officials, trendsetters and continuous talking heads the kind of attention they crave. But most importantly do not give away your vital life force ENERGY by getting angry at the manipulations because my friends, that’s participating in the insanity.

The secret we forget is that they are nothing without us. Withdraw your energy away from the whole swirling chaotic mess. Stay informed by reading quality journalism and watching the TV comedians. But pull your own energy back from the cable news drama and send your attention to where your heart is calling you.

Send your support to the freedom loving folks engaged in fighting for the rights and services everyone needs. Funnel your attention to Earth sustaining organizations – give them your time and treasure. Fuel the fire of healthy self-awareness by consciously engaging your energy in a positive way. Tear no one down. Instead, build up the strength of people who speak with integrity and good common sense.

Register to vote if you aren’t already. Become active in the campaigns of positive, forward thinking people and give your money to organizations that are making a difference with or without the support of our government. Use your intention and conscious thought to make things happen in our world.

The fracturing of the old things that don’t work any more will come. It is happening now, we all can feel it. Work toward that which you want to see for our collective health, well being and future happiness. Stop complaining and act by shifting your attention on to the solution and off of the latest horror and looming scandal. This is how we built America. Let’s take our consciousness back from the people who don’t believe in We the People, and stand strong for who we really are.


Christmas Magic is Alive and Well!

When CI Practitioner Regina Schulman’s 7 year old grandson came up to Massachusetts from down south to visit for Christmas he was worried Santa and his reindeer would not know how to find him. Seriously concerned the jolly old elf would not know where to leave his Christmas presents in the morning, Grandma Regina came to the rescue. Together they decided some special reindeer food would be required to attract them and that if that happened surely Santa’s sleigh would follow and he’d  be able to make his delivery.

They set to making the special concoction which was made up mostly of crumbled cookies and Christmas Magic. Being a good Level IV Practitioner what did Regina do in this very delicate situation? She brought in the energy: Christmas Magic direct from the Source and filled the bag to the brim.

It’s very important to note that her grandson also brought in his 7 year old version of this beautiful and magical energy. It was so cute to see them out there carefully laying a trail toward the house that Grandpa John didn’t even notice much about the bag when he snapped the digital photo of them on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t until later they realized just how much magic they had put into it!  Just take a look at the bag!!!!

Reindeer food

Fall 2014 Practitioner I Graduation

On December 8, 2014 at Open Sky Retreat Space our Sacred Anatomy Community welcomed another six CoreIndividuation Level I Practitioners. That makes fifteen new Level I Practitioners this year! They are: Matt Yerge, a body worker originally from Buffalo, NY now residing in Oakland, California; Nancy Randall, a yoga instructor who specialized in teaching the elderly from San Francisco. Samantha Russell, a local Marin Reiki Master and teacher just finishing her psychotherapeutic internship; Raje Heyer, a cranial sacral therapist and lymphatic drainage expert from Austin, Texas; Brian Duby, a Network Chiropractor from Portland, Oregon and Karen Anne Louise owner of Cleansing Ministries and an expert at hydrotherapeutic cleansing from Sonoma County. All wonderful healers who have fallen in love with CI, we are lucky to have them and we warmly welcome this wonderful group into our community!

Left to right: Matt Yerge, Samantha Russell, Nancy Randall, Karen Anne Louise, Raje Heyer,  Brian Duby.

Left to right: Matt Yerge, Samantha Russell, Nancy Randall, Karen Anne Louise, Raje Heyer, Brian Duby.

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