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July 27, 2019
  • The Edge Practice: In Depth - Day One, Point Reyes
    Starts: 10:00 am
    Ends: 4:00 pm ( July 27, 2019 )

    An introduction to the work of Desda Zuckerman, founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine and author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide for the Human Energy Structure.

    This month the class is taught by Colleen Lindstrom & Lorin Kaufman

    Learn how to apply The Edge Practice in your life to prevent burnout, increase sensitivity without multiplying energetic vulnerability or toxicity and put an end to bad habits of losing boundaries and merging! This is the gold standard of how to live and work as an energetically awakened person. Join Colleen and Lorin on July 27 & 28th to learn how!
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July 28, 2019
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