Phone: 410-782-9776
Location: Seeing clients over Zoom and in Santa Barbara area and Hot Springs Arkansas
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner, CHt

In Carly’s Own Words:

My goal is to have as much fun as possible while engaging in expansive transformation and deep connection. I believe that we are creating a new world together with all that we do and that Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine is a multi-level key towards experiencing loving flow inside and out.

As a Level IV practitioner I enjoy working with clients who are self motivated towards their own continued empowerment. I am constantly amazed by the growing success and zest for life that my clients experience.

With each session my focus is on maintaining a container of ease and comfort that allows your structure to release its deepest wounds and attune to its most effective flow. I like taking time with each procedure and allowing for explanations and conscious integration. I encourage your active participation in sensing and learning about your own structure as we explore it together. This allows you to bring energetic awareness into your daily life and become more effective in all that you do, even if it’s learning how to truly relax!

In 2007 I began seeing clients as a Hypnotherapist; I specialize in Life Between Lives regression sessions and also practice evolutionary astrology and am a certified sound healer. Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine has now become my primary modality because it is the most effective and dynamic approach I have found. I look forward to sharing it with you!

WOW, Carly is magical, and her work truly is transformational. I felt a special connection with her immediately–although part of me wonders if everyone feels that way. I can’t overstate how at-ease I felt with her right away, as if we had known each other forever and I was just settling in with a life-long friend. I am an energy worker myself, but I find that I’m initially skeptical of many in our profession, until I can “feel” their intent and integrity. There was not a shred of ego or pretense present with Carly, and she created a deep sense of safety and trust while we were working together. The work she is doing is profound. It’s next-level. She is a beautiful instrument/channel for her clients highest good, healing and transformation.

~ Megan Lehman Schjoneberger

Carly is truly an expert in her field. She spent a long time listening to my particular circumstances and recommended a clear treatment path that was different than I had envisioned for myself but made complete sense. As for the first session, I could feel a huge difference as the session was underway and since. I also left with some tools that I’ve been practicing. I’m already seeing an improvement in my day to day life using them. I fully intend on continuing my treatment plan with Carly…and I’m like most other people. If I didn’t see immediate results, I wouldn’t follow through. In fact, I’ve been to similar practitioners as Carly before seeing her and that’s exactly what happened. Carly is different…very effective.

~ Michelle Rochette