Phone: 707-327-7539
Location: Based in San Francisco Bay Area
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner
Comments: Sessions provided via web interface and phone
Facilitating your relationship with your greater authentic being.

In Cheryl’s Own Words:

Yes, you carry a big load, and I can partner with you to ease your transition into greater success, clarity and energy.

My specialty is working with people that are interested in putting the pieces of their life together and clearing their past issues away for success. I am here to clarify and propel you into expressing your fullest expression and purpose on the planet. I can:

  • Bring you a freedom from the tyranny of your own negative thoughts and misguided beliefs.
  • Help you release the trauma and patterns holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Support you in bringing your “A Game” without burning out.

My Background

In my ongoing quest to study the connection between quantum physics, quantum biology and the nature of reality, I have been a student of the healing power of subtle energy for 20 years. I have also been transformed by my involvement with Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine since I first picked up the book Your Sacred Anatomy in 2014. I experienced this work as an innovative and powerful approach to my own healing and evolution as it has helped remove the limiting patterns and allowed me to move powerfully into fulfilling my life and soul’s purpose.

As a best selling author of Girlfriend on the Rocks, I chronicled my mountain climbing adventures that ended with a life-threatening fall down a glacier, dramatic rescue and miraculous recovery. I can now see how this painful event was the first step for me on a journey to satisfying my soul’s mission.

Let me facilitate your soul’s growth and evolution to help you achieve your goals and clarify your life’s purpose. As we release you from repeating old patterns and unveil a more authentic you to usher in a new era of success, health, and happiness in your life.