Energetic Hygiene

Sacred Self Care for the Body and Soul

A Six Week Class

March 13, 20, 27, April 10, 17, 24

The Sacred Anatomy Edge Training is a prerequisite for Energetic Hygiene

New Class Begins 3/13/24
Only $349 through March 8, then $399
We all understand the need for effective hygiene. You learned in childhood that brushing your teeth, washing your hands though out the day, bathing regularly and sleeping soundly were what you needed to say healthy and to care for your body.

In this free class, you will learn a few simple, practical, and fun energetic practices you can use to enhance your energetic boundaries, allow you to be more comfortable in this crazy world, and provide a new context for your own personal energetic wellbeing.

For those who have learned the Essential Practice: the Sacred Anatomy Edge, it’s time to start good self-care for your energy structure. Energetic Hygiene is a comprehensive self-support program designed to help you apply the EDGE Practice while using tried and tested subtle-care practices.

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March 6, 2024, 10:00 AM PST

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In this free class…
  • Review the EDGE- Tracking your progress: Your Sensing Journal
  • Teaching 1: Self-care for the Sensitive Soul
  • Teaching 2: Conscious Energy and Energy is Intelligence
  • Supporting Piece: Initiation and the Lightworkers- Armor of Light Prayer
  • Practice: Conscious Discernment VS Protection – Establishing Discernment

In this first FREE class of the Sacred Anatomy Energetic Hygiene Series, you will continue working with ways to deepen your EDGE Practice. Daily self-care exercises and useful techniques will keep strengthening your EDGE stamina. Sacred Anatomy Teachings about engaging conscious subtle energy and otherworldly interactive light will open new doors to connect your subtle awareness and your physical reality.

Take a fresh approach to the old vulnerability of picking up “stuff” from other people using Conscious Discernment. Receive a timeless spiritual Initiation used by generations of lightworkers that will strengthen your spiritual connection to the intentional healing field.

Module 1

  • Using the EDGE/ Sensing objects & plants
  • Teaching 1: The Core/ The Shape of the Structure- / Working from the Edge
  • Teaching 2: Self-Support Techniques/ Energetic Hygiene Daily Practices- vacuum, Chi Circuit, washing hands
  • Supporting Piece: Building a Thought Form- distance work
  • Piece Severing Entanglements
Be guided to gently wake up to an enhanced wonder of the natural world by sensing plants, animals and objects at the EDGE! Begin using daily hygiene practices to keep yourself balanced. Build a Thought Form to do distance work and learn to use SAEM (Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine) for yourself when you Sever Entanglements to release everyday sluggishness before you start to incorporate it into your life!

Module 2

  • Working at the EDGE
  • Teaching 1: Psychism- the pathology of the hyper-vulnerable- Can you trust your intuition? Really?
  • Teaching 2: Dowsing at the EDGE/ Dowsing & Sensing
  • Supporting Piece: Asking Permission
  • Piece: Consecrating and Using the Dowsing Rod
Your Energetic Hygiene expands to include a way to confirm your intuitive “hits” and more easily check and correct your inner guidance by learning to use both side of your brain at the same time with the Zuckerman Dowsing Technique. Students have reported this form of dowsing has diminished symptoms of dyslexia and increased mental clarity.

Module 3

  • Interacting at the EDGE
  • Teaching 1: Subtle Physiology of the Soul Layer
  • Teaching 2: Source Energies and You / Making friends with the Energies.
  • Supporting Piece: Bringing in Energies- Learning Worker Energies
  • Piece: Correcting Imbalances
  • Breakout

Make friends with the energies of your ancestors and ancient guardians who support you while you call on the rainbow lights to restore harmony to your subtle structure. Learn the Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine way to Correct Imbalance by calling on powerful Source energies, bringing them in, and directing them to resolve issues.

Module 4

  • Strengthening and Clearing the EDGE
  • Teaching 1: Anatomy of the Layers
  • Teaching 2: Journey through the Layers Sensing
  • Supporting Piece: Strengthening the Integrity of the Soul Layer
  • Piece: Basic Clearing of the Layers- Self and Others
  • Breakout

Discovering the anatomy of your subtle energy Layers System is a revelation for the senses! A Basic Clearing of the Layers brings the kind of clarity most of us only dream we might experience with long a silent meditation retreat! Strengthen the Integrity of the Soul Layer gives you a way to restore balance to your edge while repairing damage from the excesses of EMFs and injury sustained during the normal course of living.

Module 5

  • Combing the EDGE
  • Teaching 1: Debris and the need for deep clearing- why we need it
  • Teaching 2: Restoring balance- after healings during life- how to use them
  • Supporting Piece: Follow Up Energies for Returning to Balance
  • Piece: Emotional Peel
  • Breakout

Dig deeper into the process of Clearing by specifically addressing your emotional layer with what we lovingly refer to as our subtle energy spa treatment, the Emotional Peel. Be introduced to the magic of Follow Up Energies to bring you back to balance and generally make you feel better in everyday life.

Module 6

  • EDGE
  • Teaching 1: Self-care as contribution to the whole- a dedication to greater health and wellness
  • Teaching 2: EMFs and the problems they can create-
  • Supporting Piece: Sealing Equipment
  • Piece: Removing an IER – Inappropriate Energetic Relationship
  • Breakout
Find out what EMFs do and how you can help yourself live free of electronic pollution. This is the beginning of understanding how to experience a relationship with your tech and the fields created around you that can influence and harm your health. Seal Equipment and improve your life! Merging and manipulation are issues of the 20th Century. Learn how to remove Inappropriate Energy Relationships and free yourself of the need to take on other people’s agendas and desires.

We end the series with a gift of a video program including these useful exercises you can follow every day to keep your Energetic Hygiene in tip top shape!

How the Class Works

We have found that these teachings translate surprisingly well into an online format. We stream using Zoom, and we have many ways to deepen and personalize your experience and learning.

For those who have not participated in one of our online classes, this is how it works:

  • First, you create a profile (user ID & password) to log into Tribe Sacred Anatomy. There you will have access to this course and any other online courses in which you are enrolled.
  • The class home page is your launching pad for all information and training materials.
  • There you will find the zoom links, the dates, announcements, and other information relevant to the entire course. We post a glossary, and a number of videos designed to introduce you to the course, and help you get started and into the flow.
  • From the class home page, you can go to:
  • The Class Video Page – the recordings (video & audio) of each module will be posted within a day or two for you to view and/or review
  • The Training Materials Pages – Each module is accompanied by a library of material for you to use, to go as deeply into the material as you want. We post videos describing the concept and practical application of each piece, pdf documentation of each practice, and the graphics of the anatomy that is described in the class
  • Support with a closed whatsapp group – Ask questions, share experiences, and find support within the group as well as from Desda. Desda watches the dialog regularly, and will respond to each question. The whatsapp feature that allows her to speak her responses allows her to provide longer, deeper and more nuanced responses than might be possible by typing.
  • Each of the six weekly classes include Q&A segments
We have found that this format provides a powerful way for you to dig deeply into the magic of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine. In Energetic Hygiene, you learn to dowse and learn energetic self-care practices that will benefit you lifelong.

Energetic Hygiene is also a prerequisite for any advanced training. The next steps in that track are Medicine Bag, and Practitioner Training, both in 2024 Whether or not you are called in that direction, the philosophy and practices here will deepen you spiritually and provide you with real and practical practices you can use to maintain your Energetic Hygiene.

New Class Begins 3/13/24
Only $349 till March 8, then $399