Phone: 415-450-8739
Location: San Anselmo, California/Lima, Peru
Credentials: SA Medicine Bag Carrier, MA, LSH
Comments: working remotely via phone or web conference. Certified SA Medbag Carrier, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Certified Acutonics Practitioner.

In Heidi’s own words:

I have been studying the topic of Consciousness for almost 30 years, discovering how the mind, emotions, and spirit interact with the body.

I’ve worked in the Sound and Energy Healing modality since 2010 and discovered Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine in 2017. I continue to be amazed at how this elegant modality can so quickly and easily address and clear issues and nudge shifts that could otherwise potentially take years.

I love helping my clients shift into vibrancy, ease, and health and working with them to create tools for self-care. I offer distance sessions as well as in-person sessions. Please email me if you have any questions.