Set your intention 2023

A 90 minute Sacred Anatomy Online Workshop with Desda Zuckerman

Sunday, January 8, 2023 ~ 10:00 am PST

Start Your Year Out Right!

What you will achieve in this workshop:
  • Release 2022
  • Make room for 2023
  • Clarify your personal vision for 2023
  • Set your intention for the new year
  • Align with yourself and others for individual and global healing

A New Ritual for Our Time

It’s easy to think in these modern days that everything is new and that the rules of our shared history no longer hold true. Does it ever seem that way?

Except for our technology, we are no different than our ancestors of tens of thousands of years ago. It is the repetitive nature of the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, the feelings of love and family, the circle of life – this is what we have all shared throughout the ages. It is the repetition of rituals tied to the natural world that provide our sense of time, our connection to the planet, to our community, and to each other.

And so, as we have done for many years now, we gather together to engage in our own ritual of passage into the new year. We will set a marker as individuals and as a group to establish the end of our efforts in 2022 and declare our intention for the coming year. We say goodbye to the old, we make room for the new.

Join the Sacred Anatomy Community and me to welcome in the best that is yet to come.

To stand in the moment of the shift and be ready for your own hard work will require insight, confronting the fears that arise out of contemplation, and the willingness to lay your burdens at the feet of Creation. It is out of the spaciousness of release that you will move forward with a lighter heart and an open mind into the hopeful potential of your own gifts opening, revealing themselves.

Can you hear the guidance of the angelic realm as they sing you onward?

Can you see yourself fully engaged in the joyous possibilities of your own deepest calling? Can you feel your spirit stretching itself awake in your vision, your future, your own truth?

Come join me and lift your heart for a new and beautiful year!

All my love to you and your loved ones,

Meet Desda Zuckerman

Desda Zuckerman: a healer, teacher, author, speaker, minister, and creative powerhouse. Desda has evolved an entire body of knowledge based in her understanding of the subtle anatomy of which our physical bodies are but a part. This includes spirituality, ethics, philosophy, energetic anatomy, healing, and a practical embodied mindfulness approach to enmeshment, sensitivity, boundaries, and living as a sensitive in what is often an insensitive world.

Her book, Your Sacred Anatomy, an Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy System is the most comprehensive blueprint of the human energy structure ever published. It is a completely original take on an ancient subject, based entirely upon her own vision and research.

Desda performs deep soul healing work with individuals and groups, and teaches all levels of her work online at her school, Sacred Anatomy Academy.

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