Phone: 415-798-6531
Location: Working in Marin and Sonoma Counties
Credentials: SAEM Senior Practitioner, MCAT, BC-DTR
Comments: Working remote by phone

In Lorin’s Own Words:

For the past 30 years much of my professional work has focused on healing the deep divisions in our local and global community by re-affirming our common humanity through the development and implementation of educational and therapeutic programs in the arts.

Through my profound experience as an apprentice under the brilliant and inspired guidance of Sacred Anatomy/ Core Individuation Founder and teacher, Desda Zuckerman, I have now sharpened and deepened my focus to support individuals in their desire to heal the unique needs of their own soul, and provide partnership in a new paradigm for health and well being.

My approach is to hold each individual with compassion and gentleness, in a non-judgmental way that allows the journey towards wholeness to be experienced with safety, and wonder, allowing for a true and deep integration of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the authentic self.

I can think of no greater honor than to support the courageous desire to live a full life of meaning and passion, in a way that brings light and magic not only to our own lives but to the world around us.


“Lorin is one of the most gifted practitioners I’ve had the honor of working with. I feel I have finally found someone I consider to be a true healer. The integrity and authentically deep caring Lorin brings to every one of our sessions has me believing I am the luckiest person in the world to be one of her clients. I know there are no better hands to be in than hers!”

~ Jan

“Lorin is an exceptional healer.
I have to say, (and not exaggerating) that I have had the most profound healing experience I have had in my session with her. Lorin’s ability to bring insight from “the other realm” into my healing of the day-to day was extraordinary. She has changed who I am and my relationship to my father forever. Thank you for your skill and healing ability.”~ JM