Desda’s new book is out now!

All my life I have been able to see and experience that which is here, but not here. That which requires a special sight to see, to touch, to experience. For many years I have taught how to enter this realm for healing, for meditation, for enlightenment, and (always) for fun.

This book is a light hearted, and completely honest recounting of my experiences with the Magical Beings of the Natural World. I introduce you to Faeries, Elves, Elementals, Devas and Spirit Animals. You will learn the six steps you can take to call upon these beings.

The book is now available in softcover, hardcover and e-book (kindle)

Learn the SIX STEPS to call upon Faeries, Elves, Elementals, Devas and Spirit Animals.
“Calling in the Fairies” – A Workshop with Desda Zuckerman

March 2, 2024

Who among us hasn’t wanted to reach out and touch, or sense a Faerie? Magical Beings of the Natural World is a loving invitation to peak through the looking glass into Fairyland with Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine founder, Desda Zuckerman. With a lifetime of personal stories of encounters with Faeries, Elves, Spirit Animals, Elementals and Devas, Desda introduces us to the magic of parting the veil between their realm and our own. Dare to follow her Six Steps for Calling on Magical Beings and enter a world beyond imagination!

This book is dedicated to the magic and mystery that dwells within us all, and to our eternal yearning to part the veil and experience it ourselves.

Along with stories of my life long relationships with Faeries, Elves, Devas, Elementals and Spirit Animals, I share the secrets of how to call upon them yourself! Keeping it simple, there are six steps you can take to alter your consciousness, lift your frequency, and enter another realm. You may never want to leave!

The words and illustrations emerged like lightening and sparkles with mystical energy just waiting for you to crack open and read! My longtime creative partner, graphic artist, Kim Glass Chu brings her talent to illustrating and formatting this lovely work. Her drawing of Mauve, Queen of the Faeries is just as I saw her in Nutley, England!

For the children in your life, or the child and wonder still with you, I offer this key to the magic kingdom, waiting right beside us, waiting for us to knock.