Phone: 617-435-1673
Credentials: Level II Practitioner
Comments: Call or email for appointments. Working remotely by phone and Skype

In Nicole’s own words:

I have been a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner since completing my training in August 2014. I came to this work after my own journey of healing inspired an abiding interest to learn more about the arts of healing, self care and personal growth. As a practitioner my aim is to support my clients to step away from beliefs of brokenness, isolation and the patterns that limit our lives. To see the wholeness of who they are as beings and the possibilities of self-acceptance, love, compassion and unlimited potential we all carry.

Through this work I have seen and experienced great healing and transformation from the constructs of “who we think we are” to the expression and divine grace of our human potential. I offer you the sum total of who I am, my skills as an intuitive, healer, earth worker and facilitator of sacred ceremony. My training and experience in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Red Tent ceremony facilitation, trauma & survivor support, medicinal herbal medicine, nutrition and body wellness, Himalayan Tantra, and Somatic Experience techniques, offer a unique blend to anyone seeking to build skills and improve their ability to function, experience and live a more vibrant, full life.

My practice, Healing with wholeness, focuses on addressing:
Feelings of separateness & isolation, anxiety and stress patterns, accident recovery, feelings of shame, jealousy, not belonging & loneliness, desire to have a deeper relationship with self, lack of boundaries & codependency in relationships, underlying issues of disease & illness, signatures of trauma & residual trauma patterns held in the body, learning greater embodiment, feeling stuck/stagnant in life, symptoms of abuse, trauma, & low self-esteem, depression & emotional numbness, and rebuilding internal support & replenishment.

I also offer:

  • Energetic support for surgeries and other medical procedures
  • Emotional wisdom school techniques and classes
  • Personalized self care strategy – developed to meet your needs & lifestyle

Client Testimonials

“Nicole’s gracious ability to both heal and teach is what has made my experiences with her CI sessions so effecting.”

“Nicole worked intuitively with me and at the same time explained clearly what she was doing, and what everything meant. As a beginner to CI this made my experience so welcoming.”

~ S. Mahoney

“I am deeply thankful to have Nicole Crouch Diaz as my CI practitioner.”

“She is clear, insightful, and genuine in her excitement to guide me through emotional obstacles and help me to thrive. While always ethical and professional, her warmth creates an atmosphere of support that is ideal for working through personal challenges. Thank you so much, Nicole!”

~ Mariama Loos-Diallo