Location: Sacramento, CA
Credentials: Level IV Practitioner
Comments: Seeing clients via web interface (Zoom, Skype). Languages: English, French

In Siri Ajeet’s own words:

Dear beautiful and bright human being,

You are not alone. Welcome to the field of SAEM!

I know you have been on a long and challenging journey. I am here to tell you that you are not lost and that there is nothing wrong with you. Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the brightest, strongest version of you ever! The answers lie in your very own Sacred Anatomy. Through advanced SAEM procedures, anatomical alignments, and clearings, I can help you free yourself from your old and tired story and experience deep transformational healing.

Energy is intelligence, everything has a vibrational frequency, like attracts like, transformational shift must be witnessed… and so it is no small accident that you may be feeling a pull to work with me. Allow me to introduce you to a new and complete way to heal the whole self! A world of glorious energies, color, beauty and possibility is awaiting you…

SAEM has done so much for me. In just a couple of years I went from a life of stress and suffering to thriving! SAEM has enabled me to regain full sovereignty of my being and reclaim power over my life. It has created more spaciousness around me and has allowed me to stop taking on other people’s energies, end burnout and compassion fatigue, and set clear boundaries with people. SAEM has helped me stop enmeshing and entangling in my relationships, drastically decrease my stress and anxiety levels, and process and heal childhood traumas without retraumatization. SAEM has also helped me tremendously with clearing karma from past lives: it’s been incredibly freeing and life saving!

My life purpose is to help, heal, empower, inspire and elevate as many people as possible to reach optimal health and happiness. While my connection with the unseen goes back to childhood, my background in holistic health and wellness and spiritual matters started 14 years ago. I live a natural lifestyle and my approach to healing is the natural way as much as possible.

I enjoy supporting women, sensitive people, healers, helping professionals, and change-makers.

If you’d like to know more and change your life for the better, please visit my website:

I warmly invite you to connect with me for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation. What have you got to lose? The world needs you and the world needs you now!

May you be healthy, happy, and at peace always!

In Universal Love & Light,
Siri Ajeet

Client Testimonials

“I am so very pleased that I allowed this practice into my life! Siri Ajeet is meticulous.”

“I had no prior knowledge of this practice but thought to seek it out because I had experienced a ‘low-level’ of depression for eight years after retiring from a humiliating job experience. I just couldn’t seem to shake it. I had always been so competent and accomplished, but now I couldn’t find my footing to rise up and move on. It wasn’t self-pity, but resentment had crept in and I was looking for additional mechanisms to help me heal my wounded heart. SAEM appealed to me because I was interested by the sheer name of the practice!

  • I wanted “Sacred” because I wanted the energy to be birthed in the ‘Divine’
  • I wanted a practice that would consider ALL of my “Anatomy”
  • I wanted a positive change to my “Energy”
  • I wanted a practice that was founded on research and teachings – “Medicine”

All of my sessions were done remotely (due to the pandemic) by a ZOOM link Siri Ajeet provided prior to each session. This was fascinating! I can’t explain how it worked, but I KNOW that I felt sensations and improvements at the end of each session. After just one session I felt so much more ALIVE! It seemed that depression had lifted and I was inspired about things that I had not been interested in for a year! During my third session I felt decades of fear and resentment melt away. My being felt lighter and more open and optimistic – very much like I was in my twenties! After this session, I knew that my mind was free, and I didn’t feel the lethargy and ‘empty-headedness’ that I had felt for seven years. At the end of my sixth session, I was at 100% “with NO compensation”. THAT IS THE GOAL! I am emotionally stabilized, confident and clear-headed. I have joy. I have completed six sessions and feel so good (mentally and emotionally). I have intent, purpose, joy and self-awareness that is confident and loving. Mostly, I have opened my heart again. I have achieved desired affects!

This practice is one that you would incorporate into your perpetual health and wellness practice. It actually addresses your spirit. I believe it is a gentler form of cleansing from negative attachments and energies. It is freeing! I am so very pleased that I allowed this practice into my life! Siri Ajeet is meticulous. She is very focused but yet open to my comments during a process. She must be quite intentional because I have results at the end of each segment. She is encouraging and supportive throughout each session. Thank you!”

~ Patricia J.

“Siri Ajeet has helped me so much!”

“I have metastatic stage 4 breast cancer, and I started working with Siri Ajeet about three months ago. Siri Ajeet has helped me so much! We have released all sorts of stuff and I feel better and lighter after each session. She has some great techniques and we are gradually clearing boatloads of karmic and emotional energies, as well as cancer energies. I love it, feeling the happiness in my body as “stuff” is removed and light energy brought in to fill the voids and harmonize the Sacred Anatomy energetic structure. For the first time in a long time I am free of anger.

I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life. I am healing and I feel it. It is astounding what we can carry around in our Sacred Anatomy structure, and still manage to function apparently quite well. I love working with Siri Ajeet and I love how good I feel after a session with her! It is also interesting that with time and clearing I am staying much more stable and strong in my structure – I love that. I feel great – lots of energy and tackling projects around the house and feeling like a different woman. Soul guided me to work with her, and soul had it right!! If you are guided to work with Siri Ajeet, or anyone, trust that intuition and go for it. Blessings and light and delight”

~ Shelley R. in New Mexico