Spiritual Strength & Stamina

Boost Your Immune System with
Spiritual Strength & Stamina!

Has it ever been more important for us to be healthy and resiliant?  And yes, you know that means you must address more than just your body, but your spirit as well. 

We are offering one of our great Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine protocols for the benefit or our entire global community.  Originally designed as a “cure for the common cold”, we soon realized that it was much more than that – a boost to spiritual strength & stamina that impacts your physical as well as spiritual wellbeing at a deep level.   We have been sharing this for a while, and our results have been consistently great!

This healing meditation can help:

  • Stop a cold or virus before it starts

  • Create spiritual along with physical wellness

  • Release your anxiety about getting sick

Reverend Desda Zuckerman is the pioneering cartographer of the detailed systems of the Sacred Anatomy, the subtle energy structure reaching out 20 feet from your physical body. A healer, speaker, teacher and author, she is the founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine – the transformational healing modality and philosophy based on her lifetime of study and practice.

Please accept just the possibility…

That we can call upon the divine intelligence that is part of the very fabric of who and what we are, and that those blessings will flow to us in a way that is healing and brings us into a closer relationship with our truest and most authentic self.

Many blessings,

Desda Zuckerman

Barbara circle

Amazing results!

As a longtime Senior Practitioner of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, it deeply impresses me how this work continues to evolve and find new applications. The Spiritual Strength and Stamina for colds and flu has wide benefits. I’ve used it with all my clients during the past few months. Some already had colds and others had the slightest scratchy throat. It always works!

Barbara Musser

One client with asthma and frequent colds, Joan W., has stayed healthy during this entire season and says,” it’s a miracle.”

Another client, Peter S., nearly had to cancel a surgery due to a cold. This procedure knocked out the cold and the surgery went as originally scheduled. I recommend this procedure.

Lorin circle


I felt a deep sense of support, strength and resiliency. I have an ongoing “boost”, a deep sense of being cared for by the universe. And on top of all of that, my cold symptoms have vanished and I’ve been in great health. This program is my first line of defense when I start to feel a cold or flu coming on.

Lorin Kaufman

Regina circle

A Spiritual Expansion!

I have been offering this protocol to family members, friends and clients. What I have noticed personally is an expansion in the subtle anatomy and a freedom of movement emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. The concern of our current public health emergency is real, but what is absent is the ‘freeze response” from fear.

Regina Schulman

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