Phone: 647-518-3823
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Credentials: Level I Practitioner
Comments: I work in person and remotely by phone or Zoom.

In Tom’s own words:

SAEM healing work has deeply transformed my life more rapidly than I have ever encountered in any other healing work. SAEM work has removed many layers of conditionings and energetic blocks within my own energy structure with amazing precision. As a result, this extraordinary healing modality has helped me to reveal more of my deeper authentic self in ways I couldn’t imagine..

I bring to SAEM healing work a very deep sense of presence and strong embodiment from 35 years of self-development and deep meditation. I am adept at holding a pure witness state and peaceful spaciousness for my clients to experience a profound transformation in a very safe and relaxed atmosphere.

I am overjoyed and very excited to be given this honorable opportunity to be of service to you, so in turn, you can live your most blissful life free of pain and deep trauma. My greatest wish is for you to live your best authentic self and strive for your highest potential, always believing in your own innate healing capacity.

As a SAEM practitioner, I offer you my highly developed intuitive skills and a deep perception of the more subtle unseen dimensions to help you navigate your healing journey back to greater wholeness, vitality, and well-being.

Client Testimonials

“A lot of my anxiety and worries were gone”

“When I got a healing from Tom, I felt like a lot of my anxiety and worries were gone. I felt uplifted after the healing and cleared as well too. I recommend it! Triple A+++”

~ Alex Kocio, Brampton ON

“My inner child could not help but to laugh!”

“I had a long distance healing session with Tom. He explained what he would be doing to help me understand and feel comfortable. After my healing, I felt very relaxed, light in my body, recharged energetically and my joy levels sky rocketed. My inner child could not help but to laugh at the end of my session. The healing session was beyond what I expected. Thank you kindly.”

~ Liz D., Nova Scotia

“Undeniably transformative!”

“My experience with SAEM has been undeniably transformative. Tom’s capacity to resonate with universal love and light is palpable, and felt from the first meeting. His attentiveness, sincerity, and grace shine through effortlessly and palpably, such that each session brought a glowing buzz of realization, inner-peace, and grounding.”

“We explored deep inner traumas I have never been able to talk with anyone about. Tom’s depth of grounding and immensely peaceful disposition is immediately comforting and consoling. Through every session I’ve felt a palpable buzz throughout my being that was quite blissful, a testament to how powerful a healer Tom is, and how comprehensive and deep SAEM goes to assist in the clearing of blocks and healing of deep trauma. As result, this work, facilitated through such a dedicated and glowing practitioner, has allowed me to healthfully heal and integrate old wounds, and even my shadow in a productive, healthy way.”

“SAEM is incredibly life-affirming, and comprehensive in its breadth, such that one can be holistically seen, healed, and revitalized by a committed practitioner. That this work attracts and employs such deeply resonant, grounded, and glowing beings is a testament to the power of the modality itself.”

~ Chris McKinley, West Virginia USA