We the People are being plunged into a bizarre political passion play. Our health and safety, income and rights are all up for grabs by governmental bodies that care more about their position than the people they represent. When selfish gluttony for power breeds greedy assaults pitting one voting block and their needs and values against another’s needs and values, there is only pain.

Why? Because this means that the equanimity and poise of representation is skewed toward the loudest (and in our case), the wealthiest voices. With the Supreme Court’s decision for Citizen’s United and the unlimited barrage of top .01% money influencing our elections, we have seen the most egregious abuse of election funding in the history of our beloved country.

What’s a sensitive person to do? How can we not just survive but thrive?

Remember who you are. Use your spiritual practice to counter the negative screams and hysteria the media and the tweet storms are fanning- meditate up to another view of what is actually occurring. Stop engaging with other people’s definitions of what is right and good, worthy of public discussion or important, and change the channel. Define for yourself what you believe in. Own this. Ask yourself what your vision for the future is. Work toward that instead of being swept along on the stormy waves of drama and upset that have passed for social discourse in the past year.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV cable news, turn on to the inner energetically alive and vibrant channel of your spirit. Build you own powerful transmitter by waking up to your Sacred Anatomy and the innate ability we all have to influence the world around us. We are already connected to each other; we are one organism that senses this connection. You who are sensitive know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, just imagine for one second that the agitation and stress you are feeling might be because the entire nation – even the entire world is feeling it too.

Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution: the conscious solution that knows right from wrong and that is kind to the disabled, poor or fearful – that extends a hand and heart to those in need. Dedicate yourself to participation in “the process” by not giving the bad behavior of our elected officials, trendsetters and continuous talking heads the kind of attention they crave. But most importantly do not give away your vital life force ENERGY by getting angry at the manipulations because my friends, that’s participating in the insanity.

The secret we forget is that they are nothing without us. Withdraw your energy away from the whole swirling chaotic mess. Stay informed by reading quality journalism and watching the TV comedians. But pull your own energy back from the cable news drama and send your attention to where your heart is calling you.

Send your support to the freedom loving folks engaged in fighting for the rights and services everyone needs. Funnel your attention to Earth sustaining organizations – give them your time and treasure. Fuel the fire of healthy self-awareness by consciously engaging your energy in a positive way. Tear no one down. Instead, build up the strength of people who speak with integrity and good common sense.

Register to vote if you aren’t already. Become active in the campaigns of positive, forward thinking people and give your money to organizations that are making a difference with or without the support of our government. Use your intention and conscious thought to make things happen in our world.

The fracturing of the old things that don’t work any more will come. It is happening now, we all can feel it. Work toward that which you want to see for our collective health, well being and future happiness. Stop complaining and act by shifting your attention on to the solution and off of the latest horror and looming scandal. This is how we built America. Let’s take our consciousness back from the people who don’t believe in We the People, and stand strong for who we really are.