Magical Beings of the Natural World

Learn the SIX STEPS to call upon Faeries, Elves, Elementals, Devas and Spirit Animals

A Workshop with Desda Zuckerman

Calling in the Faeries
The first in a series of workshops

Saturday, March 2, 2024
10:00 AM to 12 Noon PST

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When my daughter was pregnant with our first grandbaby, I started to think about all the things I would share with him and of course, my faerie stories were at the top of the list, right above chocolate chip cookies. The more I thought about my lifetime of encounters and friendships with magical beings the more I wanted to write them all down, and so, Magical Beings of the Natural World was born and published in 2023. Happily, this class evolved out of my book and it will serve as the textbook for this weekend course.

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Understanding what Magical Beings are and how to connect with them takes a willing heart and an open mind. It takes being ready to risk feeling silly, giddy, and goofy AND it takes setting aside the idea that your imagination is not real. In this 2-hour class we will experiment with altered states of consciousness that do not rely upon diet, self-hypnosis, or drugs. We will perform a six-step practice that allows access to the magical realms, and of course, there will be Fairytales!

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Learn how to call Faeries – (Elves, Devas, Elementals, and Spirit Animals are covered in the book, and may be the subject of a future workshop)
  • Discover how to part the veils so you can enter into another realm
  • Begin to communicate with these amazing beings

To believe in Faeries is to believe in the wild version of yourself.

It is to be reckless and feral, to become more of what you are capable of in any given breath, in your private moments, in the sunlight of the public arena:

To become the transcendent version of yourself seeking a vital existence in the hot center of the stage of life.

With a simple six-step method, you will attune yourself to the vibration of these magical beings.

Entering the world of Faeries, Elves, Spirit Animals, Elementals and Devas, you will experience an altered reality that was always there before you.

For years, my students have learned to sense and interact with the energy around all things. Usually it’s with the goal of spiritual growth or healing, but this time it’s just plain FUN!

The result?

Bring magic and wonder back to your everyday life.

The potential?

A lightness of being .

The Benefit?

The skip in your step, the smile in your eye.

And the joy in life that knows there is magic waiting around every corner.

Early Bird Discount, Save $20
Only $99 through February 27, 2024

Pay in one or two installments