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These “Webinuggets” are a fun, simple, and quick journey into your relationship with the Sacred Anatomy, and your own capacity for transformation. They are a playful invitation to your own divine nature – calling on that inner knowingness which creates the space for transformation.

Spiritual Strength & Stamina

We are offering one of our great Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine protocols for the benefit or our entire global community. Originally designed as a “cure for the common cold”, we soon realized that it was much more than that – a boost to spiritual strength & stamina that impacts your physical as well as spiritual wellbeing at a deep level.

The Sacred Anatomy of the Planet Earth

Everything we know in the material universe has an energetic field, its own intelligence. Rocks and trees have an energy structure – very different from each other, and very different than we humans. Our earth and the distant stars each have their own unique energy structures, and we have felt and chronicled their impact on our lives from time immemorial.

Building Internal Stamina
with Your Chakras

Sangha Garden

The word Sangha is from the Buddhist tradition, and is used today to describe a group of people who gather to meditate and contemplate spiritual matters. That is what we plan to do with our Sangha Garden. For each one I will speak to the events unfolding in our world today, and lead a guided meditation to bring us all into a deeper sense of our own divine nature, and a world of infinite possibilities.